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Your HIGH TICKET SALES pipeline on autopilot, using software & closers

Make Your Sales Profitable Again

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to manage a sales team, let my team of closers do the heavy lifting for you. We don’t sell, we close.

Are you still manually scheduling your appointments or using spreadsheets to track money?

Leverage an integration of software and tools to achieve the results of a full-time front desk staff, 24/7 on autopilot

Live the life you dream

Let me take care of your burdens, so you can spend your time doing the things you like with your family and friends.

Shorten sales cycle to a 45-minute call

Close at least 20-25% of your leads

Have your leads, contacts, calls, fully organized

We’re building the world’s most vibrant and trusted high-ticket sales pipeline on autopilot

Come play with us and let’s prosper together.

Know your numbers

Are you tired of trying to keep track of all the transactions and everything going on? Is it eating too much time from you?

Let our software do the work

You own your data, your leads, your clients, and your money

How to run a High Ticket Business

If you are not quite ready for a closing team but want to learn how, I have coaches who will walk you through step by step on how to build or hire a profitable sales team, and put that on auto-pilot.

Don't have Software

If you don’t have the software or infrastructure in place to put all your sales on autopilot and keep track of numbers, I have proprietary software that can help you.

Need Closers

If you just need closers,
we have closers.

Book a time with me

For a limited time, I’m opening a portion of my schedule for FREE strategy sessions. See if I can help you and your business, if not, I’ll point you in the right direction and would be happy to give referrals or possibly even promote your business.

What other say About Me

"Your team is truly amazing to work with and getting to know on a personal level. I can foresee our businesses continue to prosper as we align our goals."

Santiago Loaiza

Business Owner In Digital Marketing

"Excellent experience! Carl and his team are competent, trustworthy, and creative. They continue to over-deliver and always willing to go an extra mile to help."

Kush Kapila

Multi-Business Owner

"Always helpful and showing commitment. When doing business, it’s important to work with someone you like and trust! Thanks Carl!"

Darby Rollins

Ecomm Entrepreneur

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